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...lifting up the Name of Y'shua the Messiah
in Israel and in the Nations

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Hi, this is Teddy Chadwick, psalmist, recording artist, worship leader, distributor of a new Bible translation entitled the Aramaic English New Testament, and goodwill Ambassador for Israel.

I am the producer of two praise and worship reggae CD's by the name of "Yerubilee." Here is the description and here are the Facebook, YouTube, Myspace, and Official Yerubilee pages. The second CD, "Arise and Shine," is now available New Audio page.

As Bible promoter and distributor, I work to get Bibles into peoples' hands, both in the USA, Sweden, Singapore, and Africa. Particularly, a version of the New Testament (Brit Chadasha) which has been translated into English from the Aramaic: The Aramaic English New Testament.

As a goodwill Ambassador for Israel, I work to network the Parliament of Israel's Knesset C.A.C. with Christian leaders of the African nations. As such, I helped coordinate the premier Jerusalem Summit Africa.

I have a vision for 24-hour worship and I'm seeking to be a blessing to the nation of Israel. I feel the LORD has given this name "Jerusalem Tabernacle of David" to use as inspiration for unity in the Body - but of course there are others who have been building 24-7 worship in Israel. Over the past 7 years I have lead worship at a few of the 24-7 houses of prayer in Jerusalem through playing instruments and singing in various worship & prayer watches.

I volunteer for the local police in Jerusalem, doing neighborhood watches in the Holy City. I produce news and interviews for print and radio to spread the word and support Israel. Everywhere I travel, I speak about worship and the blessings of supporting the Holy Land as the nation of God's Covenant people.

I've recently partnered with Touching Hearts Ministry in South Africa, and I am now their Monitor for Israel. As such, I continue to prepare more healing and deliverance courses in Israel in the future.

I appreciate all those who are supporting me in Jerusalem through prayer - thank you all so much for your prayers and effort. Thanks for all your help. Whatever you contribute is a Blessing for Israel.

History: Previously, I was Music Director of a local church in New Jersey. On August 10-11, 2001 I helped lead worship at the first 24-Hour Worship Jesus Celebration in Staten Island, NY. That's where I caught the vision for 24-hour worship - and began to have a greater understanding of the importance of worshiping the Creator in these days.

Current time in Jerusalem: Yerubilee Praise & Worship CD's <>< Blog ><> Articles <>< Aramic English New Testament Yerubilee <-Ted's Band

US Congress forms official Caucus to Liason with Israel in response to the Knesset's Christian Allies Caucus.
Top 2 Frequently Asked Questions about Hezb'allah. Maybe it's time for a refresher course: It seems that Hizb'allah is not your regular run-of-the-missile terrorist organization.

Land of Milk and Honey ISRAEL: Home of the greatest milk-producing cows in the world
by Teddy Chadwick.

Please remember to pray for the salvation of Muslim people. The One True God loves them and sent His Son for them too!

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